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Homeowners Insurance from the Chrismer Agency

A good night’s sleep. Eating popcorn on the couch, watching a movie with your family. Sitting at the kitchen table having a heartfelt conversation. These are some of the things that make a house a home. There’s something truly magical about our homes. You find a personal imprint in every room, from trinkets purchased on a vacation to family photos hung with care.

The insurance we purchase for our homes has to address both the common risks every homeowner faces as well as the individual items that make a house a home. The professionals at the Chrismer Agency understand the importance of making sure the things that matter to you are covered.

Are You Really Covered?

Make sure you know your policy limits

There is a common misconception that owning a homeowner’s insurance policy is all that’s necessary to protect your home and personal property. Most people don’t realize that every policy has specific limits, as well as exclusions for some specialty items. For instance, the majority of homeowner policies limit the amount of coverage provided for jewelry, artwork, and other collectibles. Unfortunately, this isn’t realized by most homeowners until there is a loss.

The professionals at the Chrismer Agency avoid these unpleasant surprises by asking the right questions upfront. We learn about your lifestyle, explain policy limits, and shop among our companies to ensure you get the policy that offers the coverage you need. When policy limits are too low to replace those important personal belongings, we can provide additional coverage at very competitive rates.

Flood Insurance is not automatically included

We can provide you with flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program. Flood insurance can be written to insure homes, commercial and personal property. We’re happy to explain it to you.

Personal Umbrella

We can provide you with protection against catastrophic liability claims. An umbrella policy acts as an excess coverage over your primary liability policies. Its limits apply in addition to the existing coverage. This form provides a higher limit of coverage that is excess over scheduled underlying policies. It is used in one of three ways, (1) to provide additional limits of protection over the coverage listed in your underlying schedule, (2) to act as primary coverage if your underlying limits are exhausted, and (3) to provide coverage for some risks, subject to retention, when your primary coverage does not.

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Important Information for Renters

Far too many times we talk to individuals who rent homes or apartments and mistakenly believe their personal property is covered under their landlord’s rental property insurance. Here’s the truth:


For anyone to purchase insurance, they must have an insurable interest in the property or item. Landlords have no insurable interest in the personal property owned by their renters. Their property insurance only covers the property they own, not the contents of individuals who rent their property.  This is why the Chrismer Agency offers Renter’s insurance. It covers your personal property and provides liability protection should a guest become injured while in your home or apartment and you are found liable. Renter’s insurance can even provide coverage for any additional living expenses incurred when a covered loss renders your rented home or apartment uninhabitable. Your Chrismer Agency representative can help you protect your personal property with a solid Renter’s Insurance policy.

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